Legacy Legal Services

Legacy Legal Services is the name for the formal updating system for the clients of Strategic Wealth Legal Advisors. This formal updating system is crucial because estate plans often face numerous changes including; personal, financial, and legal changes. Consistent updating helps ensure that the estate plan will actually work the way it was intended. Clients who have enrolled in the Legacy program are entitled to our assistance throughout the year in updating their planning without incurring additional fees. On an annual basis our office conducts client meetings in a group format where we are able to present the important tax and legal changes for that year and update clients’ documents to reflect those changes. The program also includes an educational workshop series designed to educate clients and their chosen helpers on various topics related to their estate plan. Finally, participation in the Legacy Program reduces the work that needs to be done at the time of administration of the estate, thereby reducing the corresponding fees for that service. This Program is designed to ensure that a client’s estate plan will be maintained and carried out effectively and efficiently.

Secure Vault

Secure Vault is a custom-created, completely secure, digital, web-based vault designed to hold all of a family’s essential information. The idea behind the vault was to make all of our clients’ crucial documents safe and accessible no matter where they are. A Secure Vault is created for each client enrolled in our Legacy Legal Services Program. Each Legacy Client is given access to their vault and In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) cards to carry in their wallets. These I.C.E. cards link to the I.C.E. folder inside their Secure Vault. This folder contains Advance Healthcare Directives and can be used to hold any other information they would like to make accessible to a health care provider in case of an emergency. Also, all of their estate planning documents are safely stored in their Secure Vault for easy access. The other “cabinets” and folders in the vault are available to store any other important documents, including financial statements, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. The goal of the Secure Vault system is to provide clients with 24 hour access to all of their important documents while keeping them safe from natural disasters, fires, flood, etc.

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