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Strategic Wealth Legal Advisors is a full-service wealth planning law firm serving the northern California area and beyond. We offer a complete range of estate planning, tax planning, business planning, asset protection, trust administration, and probate services. Our clients range from families putting together a basic plan for guardianship and protection of young children, to seniors looking for ways to protect assets against the high cost of long-term care, to business owners planning for capital gains upon the sale of a business, to large estate owners seeking to reduce estate taxes on large family wealth transfers.

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Introducing Wealth Vault For Legacy Members 

If something were to happen, would your spouse, family, or loved ones know how to carry out your carefully crafted planning?

All too often, families are left scrambling, woefully unprepared to step into your shoes to implement your planning.
But for SWLA clients, our innovative Wealth Vault and "One Page Plan" process summarizes each key area of your plan, so your family can easily access the way you’ve prepped for 

  • Volatile markets 
  • Your proactive tax strategies
  • Protection from outliving your money
  • Plans for social security
  • Long term care plans
  • Estate planning
  • And more  

Not only is your plan easily accessible and easy to follow, but all of your key documentation is readily available, which is the ultimate key to making your plan successful when it's tested.

Access your Wealth Vault by becoming a Legacy Member today.

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